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— For the Dinner Table | Caitlyn Siehl

"For the dinner table.
For the men who have made you
believe that you are some place that can be left.
You move like a thief in a jewelry store,
always poised for an alarm, for
a mistake, and I don’t know how
to tell you that the diamonds are already yours.
For the coffee mug with your name on it.
For the yoga mat in the closet
that is forgetting your hands.
I want to be with you in the place where you have not made yourself small,
in the place where you still love my poetry and don’t smile like surrender.
For the home in your throat.
For your ankles. 
For the prayer in your teeth.
I love you like freedom. 
I love you like there is no room for anything else.
I love you like straight spine.
I wish you would stand up and meet me there.” 

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Marking The Sky | Lora Mathis

“They tell you to stay 
away from the poets,
the winking musicians,
and other hot-breathed artists 
who try to capture you in
film, paint, or song.

Stay away.They’ll steal precious 
pieces of you 
while you’re sleeping
and haunt your ghost Go. 
You are only as beautiful
as the art you can inspire.
But I cannot help flocking
to the things which burn me.
I crave kisses that singe my skin and passion that will engulf me in flames.

Give me the sort of love 
that marks the sky.” 

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Love Because You Have To


Love because there is nothing like nudging your body under the arms of someone who loves you back. Love because finding someone who is totally okay with you is better than finding the fountain of youth since there is no reason to stay young when you have someone to grow old with. Love because…

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Happy New Year!

So I’ve returned to the land of tumblr- although I am still writing at epiphaniesandkatastrophes.blogspot.com. I missed it here. This year I would like to make sense of my life and in some way make it better. We’ll see how it goes…